Donor Circle

The Seven Lakes Orchestras Parent Association (SLOPA) is an organization whose goal is to foster, maintain, and support the Seven Lakes High School Orchestra program. This goal has been achieved in part by providing opportunities for students to grow in their love of music as well as their abilities as musicians. Since its inception, SLOPA has been able to provide students with equipment, training from accomplished musicians, and opportunities to work and grow with other students in the orchestra. SLOPA wishes to express gratitude to all who support the arts and assist the orchestras in fulfilling their goals.

Beethoven ($75)

Chaudhari Family, Jennifer Chen, The Clarridge Family, Willem and Ehden Ghijsen, Brady Ji’s family, Jiayue (Lulu) Ma’s Family, Lee’s Family, David W. Lin’s family, Yun & Ying Lin, Daniela Marcano‚Äôs Family, David + Kate Mathews, Sivakumar Nayarajan, Nicky & Tonya Rider, Kishan Patel, Sanchez Family, Priscilla & Zane Shadburne, Anthony Teo & Sophia Chan, Family of Kara Wang, Michael Xiang’s Family, Sooyeon Yang’s family, Yin family

Brahms ($150)

Burman Family, Sophia Gao, The Gonzalez Family, Wen & Hong Huang, Tannaz Machhi, Marie-Ange Mbu, Sharolyn Thayer, Zanabria Family, Lei Zhong

Chopin ($250)

Harpreet Chawla, Caballero Cepeda Family, Parents of Anagha Menon – Class of 2024, The Nobles Family, Thomas and Melanie Totten


Amy Chang, The Dixit Family, The Hernandez-Brugo Family, The Jo Family, Murali Kirthi, Megan Little, The Maini Family, The Martinsen Family, Dhana Ramachandran, Mr. + Mrs. Voon