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He exudes ease and confidence on stage and in interviews, qualities to be admired. His ability to connect with his audience, regardless of their origins, to lose himself and to articulate his thoughts and feelings through music, is phenomenal. He is a self proclaimed, “Music Missionary” that lives out the very core of the phrase, “Music transcends boundaries”, as his music is known worldwide. His fans call him the “versatile violinist” and they are not wrong.

In the fall of 2011, I stumbled across “Europe Skies,” a song written and performed by classical violinist and 2009 Eurovision champion, Alexander Rybak. In an instant I was consumed by his music. Captivated, I watched him perform genre after genre and I haven’t stopped listening since. It was through his music that an entirely different world of music, musical culture, and music competitions were revealed to me.

I have been an avid supporter of Rybak’s for four years now. He served as one of my motivations to not give up the music that I love when times were trying. He sparked a curiosity and a love for diverse European culture, which played a part in my fascination with International Relations, but that’s an entirely different story for another day. I was entranced by the way in which he could pull, project, and manipulate the sound of a violin – the way he could make it cry, scream, laugh, tell a story – and the complete passion that poured out of him as he performed. It was as if it were merely an extension of him rather than an instrument. Quickly, it became my dream, one I though impossible and far fetched, to perform alongside him at my senior concert – dreams really do come true!

Alexander Rybak is more than simply his Eurovision win: a composer, a degree in classical performance, a heartthrob, or a European Star. He is an extraordinary human being. A Lego and FIFA fanatic, a romantic, a guy who wants to travel the world, who wants to make a difference, and a young man who happens to be extremely gifted when it comes to music and is utilizing that gift to reach the world.

It is my hope that during his visit, other student’s will be as inspired by him as I have been and continue to be. It is my hope that Seven Lakes High School continues to give high school musicians a remarkable name, and it is my hope that we make wonderful music that transcends boundaries and creates unforgettable memories that will outlive a lifetime.

Caroline Jok, Violist, Class of 2015

Alexander Rybak will be performing a once-in-a lifetime performance with the Seven Lakes Orchestras on May 22nd. This is his only stop while in the United States. The concert will start at 6p in the Seven Lakes Performing Arts Center and is free.