2023 Urban Air Social

Our students had a blast at this year’s social at Urban Air. Despite the fire alarm that forced the event to end early, it was with no doubt a “fire” social!

2023 Cinderella Musical

Congratulations to Studio 7 and the orchestra students who participated in the pit orchestra on a fantastic performance!

2022-2023 Student Leadership Team

Congratulations and good luck to the new student leadership team! Meet the team in the “student leadership” tab!

Contribute Today!

Music and the performing arts needs the support of everyone. Help continue the great work here by volunteering your time or contributing to the many fundraising events.

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News from the Seven Lakes Orchestras

  • This year, senior violist Gabby Ho performed at the prestigious Carnegie Hall. Watch as she shares her experience at the legendary concert venue!

  • On March 29th, our ensembles will give us a preview of the pieces that they will play and compete at the annual UIL Concert! Come and listen to see the hard work our students…

  • Thanks to all our students who applied! View the results here: https://docs.google.com/presentation/d/e/2PACX-1vSgPnQGTFAK5kUKxdFiNKRnoVlSZioXilzK8ZvzE1KkoEv7vzAt06j-yI9TiPb6UErt3RBMcgFedoz1/pub?start=true&loop=true&delayms=3000

  • Normally each year, the Seven Lakes Orchestras Officer team makes homemade videos that entertain our students, with one of them being the end of year officer skit. This year’s…

  • Our students and audience had a blast at the ambitious, video game themed Spring Concert, full of funny skits such as the concert etiquette video, a mixture of game machinima…

  • This school year, our communications chair Derek Chen has been working on a massive project based on the acclaimed “Star Wars” series featuring action, betrayal,…