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Our biennial performance featuring the combined forces of the Seven Lakes Fine Arts Department, Masterworks 2024 will be held this February!

This year’s theme, “Reimagined” features music from the ages that have been reconceptualized or recreated in new forms and ideas. Works from composers Heed, Abing, and Perapaskero will be performed, in addition to the groundbreaking “Of Our New Day Begun” by composer Omar Thomas.

The anchor of the concert is Michael J. Trotta’s “Magnificat.” Commissioned by a consortium of 8 choirs for simultaneous nationwide premieres during the 2019-2020 season, Michael John Trotta’s Magnificat is a 40-minute work for choir, soprano and bass soli, and orchestra. This seven-movement work delivers a tapestry of melodic richness that powerfully portrays the anticipation of the wonder and mystery of the birth of a savior.

Conductor-composer Michael J. Trotta will be in residence and conducting his Magnificat.

“Fueled by a passion for combining tradition and innovation, American composer Michael John Trotta creates music that resonates with modern audiences around the world.”