News from SLHSO

Congratulations to all of our students that auditioned for the Region 23 Orchestras October 8th and 28th. Region 23 is one of the most competitive Regions in the state, and includes all campuses in Houston ISD, Alief ISD, Katy ISD, and private schools in those zones. We had the most numbers (36) from any one school in our Region make it!



Violin: Jonathan Liu, Helen Zhou, Roger Shui, Rachel Kim, Kevin Gao, Chloe Yang, Aubrey Cui, Alan Guo, Ashish Chakraborty, Jenny Qin, Crystal Zhang, Bruce Luo

Viola: Anooj Shah, David Heredia, Thomas Yeum

Cello: Thomas Xiong

Harp: Cathleen Zhang




Violin: Jun Kim, Leanne Wu, Andrew Hallack, Kristina Zheng, Rachel Yuan, Jonathan Su, Lalitha Kaligotla, Sean Feng, Adi Khanna (ALT)

Viola: Nathan Dias, Cheryl Zeng, Shreyas Satewar, Diego Contreras, Justin Oca (ALT)

Cello: Lia Ospina, Ray Lee, Junyoung Doo, Christopher Felix

Bass: Nicholas Gonzales

Harp: Rhea Saini

Piano: Andy Yang