Our student leadership team is the “behind the scenes” team of the orchestra’s events and day to day operations. Working alongside the directors, these diligent students not only lead their peers on a daily basis, but also create what is shown to the students and audiences, whether it be the sheet music our orchestras play, a poster making social, or even an animated end of year movie!

President: Jenna Lee

Vice-President: David Wang

Secretary/Historian: Annie Zhou

Arjun Baviskar, Head Librarian
Erica Zhang, Head Librarian
Alvin Molokwu
William Park
Daniel Ricks
Shailesh Satewar
Alan Yue

Logistics Team:
Nikhil Bharadwaj, Chair
Winston Lee
Emily Lo

Ximena Alcazar, Co-Chair
Debbie Chen, Co-Chair
Shreyo Ghosh
Vignesh Hamsagadda
Hyma Kamdar
Yasmine Li Jiang
Hannah Parra Sabogal

Freshmen Representative: