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The Seven Lakes Orchestras have always had a commitment to giving back to the community. “Give Bach” is an idea that students can impact their community. This year, students fundraised $1180 for Holland Middle School Bands, so that they could purchase much-needed equipment for the band program.

The Texas Music Educators Association (TMEA) announced the results of the 2015-2016 Honor Orchestra Competition this week following two rounds of judging. The Seven Lakes High School Symphony Orchestra has been named the state Honor Full Orchestra for 2016. Membership of the Symphony Orchestra is comprised of students from the top two string ensembles, and …..

For students hoping to pursue a degree in music and continue their musical journey beyond high school, senior year comes a whole new category of stress inducers: auditions. From my personal experience with the process, I have written a simple set of guidelines on how to prepare for, practice for, and nail your auditions. Narrow …..

In the Summer of 2014, I saw a side of the world that not many get to see. I traveled to my home country of Bolivia where I taught music at an orphanage that transformed my life. On my first day, I confidently walked with my violin past the worn-out wooden garage, unsure of what …..

Being a harpist in the Seven Lakes Orchestras (SLORK) has been one of the most interesting experiences that I’ve gone and still am going through. Since there is only myself and another harpist, Rhea Saini in SLORK, I’m often frustrated due to the fact that no one else in my orchestra understands my problems, such …..

I am working on my Eagle Project to build five risers for Seven Lakes Orchestra so the members in the back can be raised up to follow the conductor as well as be easily seen by the audiences. I am so fortunate to get the opportunity of combining two of my favorite passions and be …..

The Seven Lakes Orchestras focus on overcoming challenges as a team; I am part of a smaller one. As a pianist, I’m often on the sidelines for events pertaining to the orchestra aspect of SLORK. It can be isolating, sometimes, sitting in a practice room for a concert or contest season as the orchestra rehearses …..

The Seven Lakes HS Orchestras were awarded a generous grant from Sam’s Warehouse Club of $1500. At the local level, Sam’s Club facilities are encouraged to support nonprofits or other causes important to their community, including include Education and Youth Success. Pictured are the members of Sinfonia, who performed at the Grand Opening of Store …..

He exudes ease and confidence on stage and in interviews, qualities to be admired. His ability to connect with his audience, regardless of their origins, to lose himself and to articulate his thoughts and feelings through music, is phenomenal. He is a self proclaimed, “Music Missionary” that lives out the very core of the phrase, …..